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According to the American tailgaters Association, there are over 27 million tailgating enthusiasts in the U.S., which means that people take their sports seriously. Whether Supporting the Green Bay Packers or a favorite college team, fans spend hours or even days setting up the best pre-game party. Tailgating gives sports fans a chance to celebrate their team while in the company of family and friends while enjoying delicious foods and drinks.

Several important accessories ensure a successful tailgate party and the following are five wireless and remote controlled tailgating accessories.

1. Remote Control Cooler

If you are looking for a tailgating accessory that is cool and that will definitely garner much attention, you should consider buying the Pepsi Remote Control Cooler. The device will be a definite hit at your tailgate party. It is like a remote control car that children can play with but it is an insulated cooler that can hold up to 32 canned beverages.

The cooler can move in four directions (left, right, reverse, and forward) and can move over different types of terrain, just like the best rc truck you can find. It operates within a 175-foot radius of the remote control and it has three speed settings. It comes with in-built speakers with an MP3 Player so that you can listen to your favorite music.

2. Wireless Speakers

Tailgating is never complete without goo music. Let your guests enjoy listening to their favorite music via wireless speakers that you can connect MP3 players or iPods. Many wireless speakers have up to 10 hours of battery life and provide daylong entertainment. These speakers are also light enough for easy transport and provide clear, well-balanced sound. Most wireless speakers also have both indoor and outdoor options for sound clarity.

3. Portable Satellite Antenna

If you wish to enjoy tailgating before a game but do not want to miss any pre-game TV coverage, the Portable Satellite antenna is an item you will definitely love. The Pathway X1 Satellite from Winegard is the tiniest portable satellite antenna available. It is easy to carry and to use it you do not require a full-time TV subscription.

It works with DISH’s pay-as-you-go subscription meaning that you can activate it for the months you plan to be tailgating and get access to the same English HD channels available to home subscribers. You can set it up in just 15 minutes and uses a single coaxial cable. It is completely automatic.

4. Karma

Have you ever tried to play music over Bluetooth while tailgating and Spotify doesn’t load? Or Have you ever wanted to check the scores of a previous game but too many people were using the same network? Well, you can kiss those problems goodbye all thanks to Karma.

Karma is a portable Wi-Fi hotspot that you can carry to your next tailgate. It will allow you to stream your favorite music without any annoying buffering. It will also let you know when your rivals lose that big game and make your guests quite happy in this age where everyone wants Internet connectivity 24/7.

The following are some amazing features of Karma:

– Portable Wi-Fi: The hunt for reliable Wi-Fi is now over

– You only pay for what you use and there are no contracts
– Whether you are Miami or Kansas the Wi-Fi will just follow you

5. Beer Pager

Even the most responsible of tailgaters will lose their beer at one point or another. Whether it is just drunkenness or forgetfulness, it is bound to happen. However, now you can be sure that your beer will never disappear all thanks to this crazy invention known as a Beer pager from Kotula’s.

The Beer Pager locates any beer within a 20-yard radius at the click of a button and the signal even travels through walls. Regardless of how long you have stayed without your dink you will always find it cold all thanks to the coozie included in the device.

The Beer Pager comes with a disc on which you set your coozie and drink. If you misplace your drink, all you do is click the remote control button and you will hear a sound and the red lights will flash.

The Beer Pager operates on 4-AAA batteries but the remote has a battery. Just ensure that you shut off the device after you have finished playing hide-and-seek or else you will find yourself spending more on battery replacements rather than beer replacements.
In conclusion, this article has been a review of the top five coolest wireless and remote control tailgating accessories. They are Beer Pager, Karma, Portable satellite antenna, wireless speakers, and the remote control cooler. Now that you know of these amazing accessories, ensure that you make them part of your next tailgating party. It will definitely be the greatest tailgating party your friends have ever seen, which will be the talk of town for a long time to come.

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